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I went to see Nikki during one of the lowest points of my life – I’d just had a relationship end which I devastated about, and had been really depressed for a few months in general. I was very unhappy with every aspect of myself at the time, and was struggling to lift myself out of it. We used a combination of counselling, NLP and energy healing throughout the sessions, and I was always made to feel completely comfortable and at ease with opening up to Nikki. As well as having the professional skills required to help me, she was so lovely, kind and welcoming. I remember waking up on the morning after my first session, and not having a heavy dark cloud hanging over me for the first time in ages. I felt so much more calm and centred, and optimistic that things would get better and that I’d have the strength to make the changes that I needed to make with the right support. I gained so much from the therapy, and was provided with skills to maintain the changes that had occurred.

Kate Australia October 24, 2014

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