“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” Albert Einstein

Healing transcends and passes beyond what we see and know to be true or possible, but just because we can’t fully understand it’s properties, does not mean that it is not real. Healing has touched many of my clients lives in ways in which they never realised could be possible. We do not journey alone. Help is at hand.

Theta DNA Healing™

Theta healing is an intuitive process of exploring and healing belief and feelings. It allows us to bring balance to our mind and bodies, to create a new reality and re-new our lives.

Kinesiology is used to muscle test for the presence or absence of beliefs and Source Energy and intention are used to bring about healing and change.

Spiritual Healing & Reiki

Spiritual Healing is an ancient art of channelling healing energy, thought to be the energy of pure unconditional love, through the healer’s hands.

A natural healer, I have been intuitively guided for many years, but began hands on healing 7 years ago. I then studied and practiced Reiki to Master Teacher level.  Healing involves connecting in with the energy body and physical body, balancing the energy centres, meridians, clearing heavy energies based on fear and involves placing the hands on the energy body and light intuitive touch on the physical body through clothing and blanket. This can bring about healing and changes on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Spiritual Healing is often experienced as a warm and relaxing energy. Your work here, is to allow and receive.  In my experience, the most practical and sceptical of clients have benefited from hands on healing just as much as those who are spiritually open to healing. Whether you believe or not, it works.

Intuitive healing and feedback is also available. Intuitive, interactive healing sessions can be very dynamic and are offered at the same price.


“It came to the stage on my spiritual journey that no matter how much I had worked with my self I needed that final pull through the birthing canal of darkness and that was when Nikki came in to my life,,,, her tool bag is big enough to fix the entire planet and boy did we come at it from all angles…now I feel the clearest I have ever possibly imagined, knowing I have addressed all the things I had pushed in to recess’s of my body and soul… And wish all folk would take the time and care to address their “stuff” we all have it and there’s nothing to fear, especially when your hand is held tight all the way. Thank you Nikki”.
Rachel, Haslemere.

Reference Point Therapy (RPT)

RPT addresses the vibrational tone of emotion that is stored in the body as a result of unresolved (possibly ancestral) trauma and stress. We so frequently resist painful emotion which contributes to this. Acknowledging and allowing the energetic expression of emotions can truly help clear blocks, freeing us from an unresolved issue or unhelpful vibration.  In RPT work you will be intuitively guided, following the information from your body, heart and mind.

RPT goes beyond childhood, addressing ancestral, soul level and group conscious emotions. It works on the premise that by clearing the vibrations through a simple process of awareness (bringing light or consciousness to the unresolved feeling) and acknowledgement of this, back to the earliest point of its creation, we can actually free ourselves from patterns that have been with us from birth or beyond!

If you can imagine your Mother, Father or Grandparents feel what you are feeling, then RPT is likely to be of benefit to you.