Energy Psychology / Therapy

Energy Psychology (or Energy Therapy) is growing field driven out of the ‘new science’ of psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics and quantum physics. As science advances our understanding of the ‘bodymind’, it becomes more apparent that these approaches to well being are the way forward for a healthy mind, body and life.

The following Bruce Lipton film clip explains these scientific developments: The Tapping Solution

Also watch this must-see clip: why Energy Therapy has potential to free our mind, heal our body and re-new our lives!

Meridian Acupuncture Points: Top of head, inside of eyebrow, outside of eye, underneath eye, under nose, (crease of) chin, collar bone, under arm, inside of wrist, fingers, karate chopEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT (see EFT World Centre) is a simple and effective self help tool that combines principles of ancient Chinese medicine with modern psychology. It works by tapping on meridian acupuncture points to unblock the disruption of flow in the bodies energy system that can cause negative emotion. EFT brings back emotional balance.

It is helpful for emotional stress, fear, anxiety, phobias, addictions, trauma, pain, and addressing blocks to success and moving forward.

Matrix Re-imprinting (EFT)

This technique, developed by Master EFT Trainer Karl Dawson (see Matrix Re-imprinting in action), is a sophisticated and creative method for clearing emotional energy out of specific events and memories. It is useful for trauma, and identifying where patterns first started.

The client is invited to step into a memory as an adult to support the younger self by clearing their emotions and re-processing the event to a satisfactory resolution.

This event then remains changed in the field preventing further triggers to re-experiencing the emotion associated with the initial memory.