Counselling Psychology

As a Chartered Psychologist I am grounded in cognitive, existential and humanistic therapies and offer a safe, confidential and sacred space for you to explore, heal and grow. I orient towards Gestalt Therapy with a focus on how our experiences translate into everyday being interacting thoughts and behaviour. I use CBT for anxiety disorders where appropriate. Counselling psychology is at the heart of what I practice.

I work with individuals from 16+ yrs, and have had a depth of experience helping many people through their struggles to a place of emotional well being. Clients enter therapy when feeling overwhelmed and needing a little help. I often see clients struggling with stress, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety or addiction/dependency and I have a special interest in helping people to heal from chronic ill-health problems.

Counselling Psychology for relationships and any life areaCounselling will help you to get to grips with your patterns, to express and ease troublesome emotion, and give you a deep understanding of why you feel or behave, the way that you do. It also offers you the opportunity to change, grow and develop, moving you through difficulties, to a place where you feel engaged and empowered with resources to have healthy, satisfying relationships with yourself, others and life itself.

Whatever the issue, as a counsellor with integrity, I commit to helping you as effectively and quickly as possible, using advanced methods that go beyond conventional counselling, with care and sensitivity.

If you choose to incorporate energy psychology and/or energy healing into the counselling work I need you to know that these are based on the new science of psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics. They are not mainstream psychology practice and are not endorsed as such by the BPS or HPC. They are relatively new practice and research is now showing them (EFT particularly) to be highly effective methods of bringing about deep change quickly and effectively.

BPS Chartered Psychologist HPC Registered

I practice under the British Psychological Society’s Code of Conduct, Ethical Principles and Guidelines and can be found in:

  • BPS Directory of Chartered Members
  • Health Professions Council (HPC) Register of Practitioner Psychologists
  • Member of Transpersonal Psychology Section