Chakra Clear & Balance Play-Shop

Sunday 8th October 2017

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A therapeutic journey through each of the main seven chakras, uniting Eastern & Western practices and teaching.

This day aims to clear, balance and strengthen the energy centres, restoring vitality, flow and life force to your body, mind and spirit.

  • Meditation
  • Intuitive Development
  • Sound Healing & Toning
  • Sub-conscious Belief Programming
  • Laughter
  • Sensory Creativity
  • Qigong

Full Details

The Chakra Clear and Balance Play-Shop

A meeting of minds and hearts have led to this beautiful collaboration to assist us in exploring the chakra energy centres and harnessing the best expression to be experienced by each and every one.

Course Content

We will begin of course with a warm welcome and introduction to the healing system that Psychologist, energy healer and teacher Nikki Gresham has developed through her inner self work and outer work with individual clients over the last 12 years. Nikki will help establish for you your connection to earth and to your centre, as we explore a healthy root chakra through Qigong practice and movement.

You will learn how to change beliefs in your sub-conscious mind to enable an alignment with the energy of each chakra, and then be taken on an experiential and playful journey, aligning with the positive attributes of each energy centre as we move through the day.

Our intuitive art sacral chakra exploration will be run by the lovely Rachel Upton, a holistic therapist healer and meditation teacher. She intuitively creates oils, incense & creams and is joining us at Cowdray to take you through a sensory experience, awakening the sacral pleasure and creativity centre. For an immersion in sensory nurturing, and later for playing with our intuitive development – Rachel is our guide!

From sacral creative potential, we move into realising that potential in concert with the solar plexus: giving the possibility of birthing ourselves into the world. This is where we will explore our sub-conscious mind, finding the beliefs that limit us and prevent us from real-ising the powerful Creators that we are. It is our light, not our darkness that most scares us. We will spend this session clearing limiting beliefs, and contemplating the possibility of us each being our own unique “colour”, or vibration.

After a healthy and hearty lunch, we will move on to heart energy where we are absolutely delighted to welcome Laughter leader Sam Rehan for a laughter session. The heart seeks balance and peace, and from finding this point of balance, opening the heart both to itself and to other, we will connect as a group, engaging in a session of full body laughter. This session will enable us to align with the energy of joy, allowing the heart chakra to open before we move up to the throat.

Our throat centres can often be blocked, through fear of how we will be received, fear of rejection/ separation and can be restricted by holding back expressions of anger and sadness. From speaking our truths with an open heart, we allow ourselves to express in the world. We are energy beings, and energy needs to express itself. The beautiful Michael Fry, International Musician, Vocal Coach and Sound Healer, will guide us through an experiential journey to open our throat chakras, helping us to express at our fullest the unique instrument that is ‘our voice’. An opportunity not to be missed!

From this whole body workout, we will close with a double session led by Rachel, Michael and Nikki, to spend time with a playful exploration of the third eye and crown chakras. We will address the qualities of the third eye and begin to understand how polarity and duality can inform us and connect us to the one. We will have a look at our sixth senses, and see which sense (clair-voyance, -audience, -sentience or -cognisance) can help to guide you, before surrendering in meditation to the Source of All That Is, be that God, Great Spirit, Universal Consciousness or our Higher Knowing and Wisdom with healing blessings offered to all.

All in all, a unique, rich and diverse experience in an action packed day. Come connect and awaken with Nikki, Rachel, Michael and Sam for your chakra clear and balance. We’d love to share the day with you! 

Your Team

Psychologist & Energy Healer Nikki Gresham, Holistic Therapist & Maker Rachel Upton, Sound Healer & Musician Michael Fry, and Laughter Therapist Sam Yah.


Cowdray Hall Therapy Rooms,
Parkway, Midhurst,
West Sussex GU29 0AW


Sunday 8th October 2017




£99 including refreshments. Please bring a packed lunch.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring cushion, blanket and water.

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