Here are some of the kind words sent in by my former clients and workshop participants.


It’s like magic!

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014

Things have definitely shifted

I really enjoyed the course. I feel that things have definitely shifted since then… looking forward to what happens next. I found the muscle testing very interesting and loved the concept of finding balance in life.

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014


The workshop really was a workshop filled with transformation. Moment to moment things changed, stuff shifted. A wonderful way to make a difference to yourself and those around you. If anyone is thinking of going.. GO.

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014

Moving on, up and through

Thank you Nikki. Fab day of moving on, up and through all that is holding us back, limiting beliefs hey!

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014


Very highly recommended. Go if you can!!

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014

I highly recommend the workshop

The Dreams to Destiny workshop is transformational, Nikki has a gentle and calm way of guiding you through the work and intuitively comes up with how to support your journey. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone who is at a crossroads in life and needs a gentle push to take them forward on their path.

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014

I feel I am in alignment with my goals

The work shop was such a lovely way to find out and release all that was holding me back from obtaining my goals. The process was so simple, yet life changing as now I feel I am in alignment with my goals on all levels with the subconscious working with me to atain them. The tools I learnt were invaluable and empowering. Thank you Nikki.

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014


Wow what fabulous group meditation we all shared throughout the day… I now accept the positive effect of positive mental beliefs

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014

I could do those all day

The meditations were AMAZING… Just like when we work together… I feel I could do those all day with you.. In fact ! Lets ? Can we! Can we? Can we

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014

I feel liberated

It was interesting how as soon as the penny dropped with the specific “I am financially abundant and debt free” the coxyx shifted! Suppose not a surprise, a sure physical sign I have shifted… 🙂 Since last Saturday I have been feeling financially abundant and debt free and I must say how liberated I feel just from the mental positivity… there is an element of “fake it till you make it” but my brain is getting it… at last…

Dreams to Destiny Workshop October 30, 2014

I feel the clearest I have ever imagined

It came to the stage on my spiritual journey that no matter how much I had worked with my self I needed that final pull through the birthing canal of darkness and that was when Nikki came in to my life… her tool bag is big enough to fix the entire planet and boy did we come at it from all angles…now I feel the clearest I have ever possibly imagined, knowing I have addressed all the things I had pushed in to recess’s of my body and soul… And wish all folk would take the time and care to address their “stuff” we all have it and there’s nothing to fear, especially when your hand is held tight all the way… Thank you Nikki.

Rachel Haslemere October 24, 2014

I gained so much

I went to see Nikki during one of the lowest points of my life – I’d just had a relationship end which I devastated about, and had been really depressed for a few months in general. I was very unhappy with every aspect of myself at the time, and was struggling to lift myself out of it. We used a combination of counselling, NLP and energy healing throughout the sessions, and I was always made to feel completely comfortable and at ease with opening up to Nikki. As well as having the professional skills required to help me, she was so lovely, kind and welcoming. I remember waking up on the morning after my first session, and not having a heavy dark cloud hanging over me for the first time in ages. I felt so much more calm and centred, and optimistic that things would get better and that I’d have the strength to make the changes that I needed to make with the right support. I gained so much from the therapy, and was provided with skills to maintain the changes that had occurred.

Kate Australia October 24, 2014

A quantum leap in personal growth

Nikki’s unique combination of therapies has been the most effective form of therapy I have ever experienced and has facilitated a quantum leap in my own personal growth and development. It has been a joy and a delight to share my journey with her.

Sarah Hampshire October 24, 2014